Management Philosophy

We believe that for our business to succeed, we need to put clients first and be innovative in ways that exceed their various expectations.

We do not simply base our methods on existing precedent; we constantly challenge ourselves to find and implement new methods, while proactively acquiring new technologies and expertise and utilizing our proprietary networks to set new standards.

  1. We provide high-quality services that make the most of our technological capabilities and human resources to generate absolute profit, through investment in cash, futures, and options instruments in the equity, bond, and foreign exchange markets, as well as in real estate, focusing on ASEAN + Japan & China and the United States.
  2. By engaging in changing markets to create new value, we will develop as a company that contributes to the realization of a rich society that provides both joy and peace of mind.
  3. We will work to provide true service based on our own world view and view of life, working earnestly with customers while keeping in mind “how to create maximum satisfaction and excitement.”